Web Administration

Your webpage is ready, now we should focus on its content, functionality, updates and upgrades, to consolidate your investment. We’ll take care of your web project administration, so you can focus on your business.

Management Team Ilinium

Updated content helps position your webpage

Updating your texts and images create interest among your users, generating more views and a better positioning according to Google ranking.


Upgrades and improvements

Once the webpage is published, it is convenient to make frequent changes on its contents: upgrades in their texts and images, publish relevant information, new products, etc. Constantly renewing your content in an appropriate way, following guidelines and best web practices, allows you to to position yourself better in search engines such as Google, so your potential clients can find your products and/or services in a faster and precise way.

Our web administration service is in charge of executing all changes in the most optimal way, so you don’t have to worry or hire specialized staff. We have specialists on all the technologies and we’re always updated on the best web practices.

  • Administration and content update

    You send us the information and we take care of formatting, optimizing and publishing, following guidelines and best web practices.
  • Continuous improvements

    Update elements on your webpage that require to evolve, we implement code improvements and we optimize your webpage, so it becomes functional and run smoothly.
  • Content and design strategies

    We find opportunity areas to implement new functionalities and improve your user experience.
  • Traffic reports

    We deliver periodical reports of visits to analyze the behavior of your webpage and adjust, if necessary, its content and functionalities.

A secure and adequate home for your webpage

Hosting your webpage in a fast, secure server is essential for a good user experience.

Server hosting Ilinium

Hosting and maintenance

The speed and operation of a website is an important factor to position yourself in browsers, it directly affects the users and their decision to stay browsing. There lies the importance of hosting your webpage in a trusty, fast and secure server with a technical support team to constantly maintain and optimize its operation.

Our servers have a superior security level compared to the public servers that you can commonly find in other companies. Taking into consideration that the content, database, products and important information of your users is hosted on the servers, we can offer you peace of mind that your data will always be safe and in the hands of trained professionals for any eventuality.

Some of the characteristics of our hosting service:

  • Domain registry
  • World class data center
  • Business server in the cloud
  • Security back-up
  • Business firewall
  • Server maintenance
  • Database optimization

Certifications and Alliances