Web Strategy
To start any type of project, strategy and planning are fundamental. It is the only way to understand our customers and thus be able to create projects that really impact your business.

A new project is an opportunity to get to know you

Each project is unique and tailor-made, our strategy adapts to your business.

01 analysis

Analysis and investigation

Whether you plan to create your website from scratch or want to redesign an existing one, we offer you a consultancy to identify your needs and translate them into web strategy.


In the consulting process, an analysis and research are carried out to determine the clients' goals and needs, using the following methodology:

  • Customer interview
  • Identification of stakeholders (management, mkt, communication, IT)
  • Type of company (products, services, private, government, NGO, stock market)
  • Scope of the company (local, national, international)
  • Identification of web needs
  • Existence of the current website / SWOT
  • Web communication strategy
  • Target market (age, gender, occupation, etc.)
  • Web analysis of the competition (benchmarking)
  • Technology preferences
  • Privacy, security, property and speed requirements

The strategy defines the outcome of any project

We conceptualize your web communication strategy to develop a website that meets the objectives of your business.

02 strategy

Digital strategy

We conceptualize your web communication strategy to develop a website that meets the objectives of your business. The creation of the digital strategy is the basis for the success of your project. Through innovation, we support you to evolve together with today's changing audiences.

Content strategy

Internet users are looking for useful information, so it is important to create content that adds value to your products and services, to generate more traffic on your website, converting visitors to potential customers. We advise you on the content, its structure and composition.

Architecture information

Through the information architecture, the sections and subsections that will contain the different messages to be positioned are defined. This structure or site map will provide the user with a quick location of the relevant content, including information that makes them feel interested or identified.

Process mapping

Using the User Journey technique, we can map the future interaction of users with your platform or website, helping us to plan the use cases that will achieve a pleasant and functional experience, enhancing the conversion.